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Kamenak near the village of Moravians

GPS coordinates:49°3'32.768"N
Telephone:+420 518 617 530
Fax:+420 518 617 530
Kamenak near the village of Moravians

Village is well-known restaurant. In the past, there stood a stone called Vitáskův mill. According to legend, it haunted. Half a mile north of the restaurant is an abandoned quarry that ceased operation in the 60 of the last century. Kamenak spared the tragic events of World War II. 14th April 1945 here in the so-called cottage Ištokově guerrilla groups attacked and shot by the Gestapo. The event commemorated by a monument with the names of victims, which is located at the green sign and Kamenak Zavadilka.
Opening Hours:Village is freely accessible.
Tourist season:year
Catering Facilities:Yes

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