Moravian Karst

Wellness created by nature. And the largest karst area in the Czech Republic.

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To the Most Beautiful Cave in the Moravian Karst

Planning a trip to Macocha? Well, sure, it is the most famous Czech cave, but you should know that the Balcarka Cave in Ostrov u Macochy is the most beautiful cave in the whole Moravian Karst. The maze under the Balcar Rock stands out for its extremely rich and colourful dripstone decoration.


Macocha Abyss

The largest abyss of this type in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Legend has it that it has no bottom... Still, you can behold this impressive site.


Velká Dohoda Area

Away from civilization, in the heart of the Moravian Karst. The former quarry offers much more than just boring old rocks.


Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary in Křtiny

A pearl of South Moravia, which emerges in front of you on the way from Brno to Křtiny and takes your breath away with its majestic beauty.


Výpustek Cave

A factory inside a cave? See what kind of theatre can be put on inside a cave.


A Refreshing Trip to the Křetín Reservoir

Are you looking forward to summer? To start pedalling and whizz through the landscape, swim in clean water and walk along a chateau promenade? Such a varied range of options is available at the Křetínka Reservoir.