Znojmo Region and Podyjí Region

Places dedicated to wine and nature. And the only Moravian national park.

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The Town of Znojmo

You can find everything in this royal town – from an underground labyrinth and a national park to wine as delicious as heavenly nectar.


The “Moravian Adriatic”

The Croats share the Adriatic Sea with the Italians but the Czechs have the Moravian Adriatic solely to themselves. Visit the Vranov Reservoir and you will understand why it has earned this nickname. Plus you will find the lovely surroundings of the Podyjí National Park.


With a Kickbike to Znojmo

The picturesque surroundings of the Dyje River and Louka Monastery, smooth terrain, fun for both children and adults. Enjoy a laid-back afternoon in Znojmo!


National Castle Bítov

Bítov is one of the oldest and the most romantic castles in the Czech Republic (the first written r...


Criss-cross to the Znojmo Castle

Test your level of physical fitness in the Gránické Údolí (Gránické Valley). The rewards are right here: views and proper beer from the municipal brewery!


State Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí

Vranov Chateau is an exemplary secular Baroque site. That is why it is has served as a backdrop for many films and fairy-tales.