Sports and leisurein South Moravia

A great program for a Sunday or for holidays with kids? Sure, we’ve got it! For example, relaxing cycling routes leading through beautiful landscapes, without tiring climbing. Do you love wild trails? Are you looking for a golf resort to improve your handicap? South Moravia won't let you sit idly.

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Nové Mlýny Reservoirs

A trio of water reservoirs at the foot of Pálava, from where the ruins of Děvičky look down on an abandoned church on an island in the middle of the waters. Romance non plus ultra.


Archeopark Pavlov

Do you find events of long ago boring? A visit to Pavlov will turn you into a real fan of prehistory! Your kids will remember this spectacular exhibition for a long time to come.


Aqualand Moravia

The largest swimming pool complex far and wide, water from a thermal source full of beneficial minerals, and the panorama of Pálava on top of that.


Velká Dohoda Area

Away from civilization, in the heart of the Moravian Karst. The former quarry offers much more than just boring old rocks.


Brno Observatory and Planetarium

A modern temple of science, which organizes great events for laypeople. No wonder it gets so many likes.


Brno Reservoir

In the immediate vicinity of the Moravian metropolis, amidst greenery along with the romantic Veveří Castle and cruise ships… perfect relaxation!