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The marble quarries near the village Nedvědice

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The marble quarries near the village Nedvědice

Nedvědický marble had been mined in a number of municipalities - now abandoned - marble quarries. Mined to a very high quality white marble, which had arrived to handle the Italian brothers Pietro and Antonio Rossi, whose family later spread around. Marble quarries are mined in the Middle Ages used as building and decorative stone and has been used for centuries in many important religious and secular buildings. An important cultural monument of marble or Pernštejn valuable marble church in Doubravník the best known examples of its use. Since 1919, he was breaking in the direction of the village, and since 1930 it produced marble dust.

Marble Nedvědice body of up to 30 m thick and several hundred meters long broken transverse tectonics. The dominant rock body is fine to medium grained white marble. Marble won awards even at the World Exhibition in Paris.
Opening Hours:Marble quarries are freely accessible.
Tourist season:year

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