Andre Trail Region

GPS coordinates:48°56'26.960"N
Contact person:Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s.
Telephone:+420 519 352 072

Andre trail leads a picturesque region of the county roads inviting to look around the region and stop the sparkling fluid ounce. It bears the name of the variety that originated in Great Pavlovice crossing Lemberger Saint Laurent and Mr. Horak and the breeder gave her name after the French naturalist, Christian C. Andre. Extractive wine with intense color is one of the most popular varieties in the vineyard tracts of cities and villages, which the trail passes.

Why André region?
The route Hustopece - Starovičky - Pavlovice - Boretice - Vrbice not know the Velké wineries, but also the best vineyard sites and the region that for centuries have shaped its history. Wine exhibition in the House at Renaissance Synku Hustopeče witnessed the glorious history of the medieval bastions of Moravian wine, view the Starovičky offers panoramic views of the Pavlov Hills and dame lake. Center showcases the unique architecture of buildings with perennial cellar offering wine tourism programs. Cycling events, open and competitive Cellars wine exhibition in the Great Pavlovice welcome every year one thousand wine lovers on traditional festivals Hanácké Slovakia. Individual Cow Mountain Village Wine and wine-inspired recession decorate Boretice neighboring, ancient Vrbice spread the plateau of the hill Guard is a place in the last decade, best red wines in Moravia.

Cycling trail, which follows the project Moravian wine trails, leading mainly along rural roads outside the road transport, most surfaces are paved sections. The nature trail aptly illustrates the logo placed on signs. The trail is a journey in the André region for wine and the sun across the green fields, woods and vineyards. The route is marked in both directions and is navigable all year round. The best term for it is fighting every last Saturday in June, which is organized regular expeditions to the rich culinary and winemaking program. More information about the trail and held events, please visit

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