Wine trail Mikulov

GPS coordinates:48°48'24.970"N
Contact person:Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s.
Telephone:+420 519 352 072

The starting point of the trail is the parking lot just below KB Mikulov Square, where you will find the first panel with the initial information. From this expression over the city center on the church square, where the preparation of information on the Mikulov wine region. Here you can make a detour to the castle and its dungeons, which is one of the greatest historical barrels in Europe (the contents of 101 thousand. L). Another path leads out of town towards the wine villages that lie just below Palava. Before you go down to Bavaria to learn about the ecology of the vineyard and the possibilities of biological control. The panel Bavor you learn the history of this growing community. From Bavaria to proceed further into the dirt road Perná, seat-known wine-breeding station. You were born and successful cultivars hills and Aurelius, which enrich a wide range of varietal vineyards podpálavských. In the village and surrounding area, several panels discussing the history of the village, horenském law and varieties. There is also no mention of phylloxera. The path continues through the Upper Vestonice (the panel on the history of the village) to Lower the more famous, famous place of discovery Goddess. Here you will find not only the archaeological exhibition, but also bar nature trail map and information about the history of this growing community. An interesting chapter written by the 16th and 17 century called Habans - Baptists, who raised the level of a number of fields, including wine. In the village have been preserved Haban cellars. Věstonie The trail continues to Pavlov.
The wealth of architectural monuments from Paul is one of the most pristine and unique wine village conservation area. Also worth seeing is mainly historical cellar houses in the Czech street, but you should not miss the local wine shop. As you will learn from the information panel, Paul is also active producers of organic grapes and certified Organic Wine.
The last part of the Wine Trail leads through the woods from Paul's Road to Klentnice, lying under the ruins of the castle Sirotčí. Here also are crossroads for Perná last seventeen board with a map, closing the file information panels.

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