Chateau Straznice

Address:Zámek 672, 696 62 Strážnice
GPS coordinates:48°54'28.291"N
Telephone:+420 518 306 611
Fax:+ 420 518 306 615
Chateau StrazniceChateau StrazniceChateau StrazniceChateau Straznice

The stronghold as a watchpoint on the Moravian-Slovakian border was originally in the place of the Castle. From the 14th century, the first owners – Masters of the House from Kravaře – are known who rebuilt for the first time the castle and built the west wing in the half of the 15 th century. In 1501, the House of Žerotín bought the dominion. At their times, the dominion reached its greatest upsurge and the next rebuilding was performed at the Castle – the east wing as well as the connecting north one, decorated with rennaissance porticos were annexed.
After the battle of the White Mountain, the dominion devastated by the former war period was gained by the House of Magnis. František Antonín Magnis planted the castle park and built hot-houses in the 19th century, the last civil adaptation of the Castle was performed and the Castle won the today´s form of the neorennaissance building with classicistic elements.
Today, the Castle is a seat of the Institute of Folk Culture and the valuable historical library with 13 000 books has been opened to the public. The visitors can see the exposition called „Folk music instruments in the Czech Republic“ – the only in the Central Europe – as well as yearly alterating exhibitions at the Castle gallery. The Rose, Green and Yellow Parlours serve for representative purposes as welll as for the concerts, expecially of classical music.
At the beautiful surrounding of the Castle park, at several amphitheatres, the International Folklore Festival, the greatest and oldest festival in our country has been taking place every year since 1946.
Opening Hours:Opening hours:
1st May – 31st October daily except for Monday 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
(the tours hourly the last tour starts at 4.00 p.m Duration of the tour: 60-90 minutes)
Tourist season:V - X
Ticket Sale:Ticket prices - Castle
Adults 50 Children 25, Family 100 students, ISIC card in 1925, retired 1925

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