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The combination of municipalities Kuřim Moravian Kninice, Chudčice and Veverská Bítýška Kuřimka the Micro was established as one of the last voluntary association of municipalities in the administrative district of the city. After the establishment of micro Ponávka and White Creek in 2000, Micro Čebínka in 2002 and micro Veveri Castle Estate in 2004, of microregions Kuřimka 2005. Villages unite for potential cooperation not only in tourism. Supporting the idea of ​​the concentration...
Municipalities:Chudčice, Kuřim, Moravské Knínice, Veverská Bítýška
It will surely be surprised that the micro-region lies near Brno with a rich mining history. Feel free to explore the interesting local sights, modified community forests with streams and quiet location with extensive views of the countryside. Micro-burner was created in 2000 as an association of municipalities High Popovice Zakřany, Zbysov, Babice at Rosic, Lukovany, Metro. In 2007 he joined the Micro Rosice town and village Tetčice. As its name suggests, mining activities significantly affected...
Municipalities:Babice u Rosic, Kratochvilka, Lukovany, Ostrovačice, Příbram na Moravě, Rosice, Říčany u Brna, Tetčice, Újezd u Rosic, Vysoké Popovice, Zakřany, Zastávka, Zbýšov
 Blue Mountain
It's easy, it's simple, know where our vines grow. Blue Mountains, red wine country Vrbice the end, in Pavlovice begins. Pětihvězdí Moravian wine villages in the head with the city Pavlovice has long been famous for its red wines from the vineyard slope positions spaced circuit in the rolling countryside. To the south of the flat open "Rukapáně is a fertile and callused palm, which is based on five fingers nimble and creative, which modeled the slopes in the vicinity of human settlements...
Municipalities:Bořetice, Kobylí, Němčičky, Velké Pavlovice, Vrbice
Micro-Boskovicko occupies the eastern portion of Boskovice, prostějovským neighboring district. Boskovice are accessible from Brno and Svitavy from Road No. 43, the east-west crossing of Boskovic move from Prostejov in Zdar - Highway 19 and 150 Micro Center is a city Boskovice city sedmizubého ridge, the ninth largest city in South Moravia, an ancient administrative center, the city schools, manufacturing plants and cultural traditions. Municipalities micro lies in the foothills, but also on...
Municipalities:Benešov u Boskovic, Boskovice, Chrudichromy, Knínice u Boskovic, Kořenec, Lhota Rapotina, Ludíkov, Okrouhlá, Sudice, Suchý, Újezd u Boskovic, Valchov, Vážany, Velenov, Žďárná
Micro-Kunštát-Lysice is characterized by a picturesque landscape of the highlands, a system of natural parks, cultural attractions and sports facilities. The micro-region is located in the northwestern part of the region Boskovicko. The total area is 130 km2. There live about 9555 inhabitants in 22 municipalities.
Municipalities:Bedřichov, Býkovice, Černovice, Dlouhá Lhota, Drnovice u Lysic, Hodonín, Kozárov, Krhov, Kunčina Ves, Kunice, Kunštát, Lhota u Lysic, Lysice, Makov, Nýrov, Rozseč nad Kunštátem, Sebranice, Štěchov, Tasovice, Voděrady, Zbraslavec, Žerůtky
Micro-Letovice includes sixteen towns and cities. In its activities hamlet in the village received a prestigious award in 2008 as the winner of the "Village of the Republic of South Moravia. Letovice town located about 40 km north of Brno at the confluence of Křetínka and Svitavy. Letovice is a natural economic, educational and cultural center of the surrounding area. The city became in 1936. At present about 6600 inhabitants. The picturesque neighborhood is located between the slopes due to peripheral...
Municipalities:Deštná, Horní Poříčí, Horní Smržov, Křetín, Lazinov, Letovice, Míchov, Pamětice, Petrov, Prostřední Poříčí, Roubanina, Skrchov, Stvolová, Vísky, Vranová
 Little Hana
Small Micro-Hana is located in the northernmost tip of South Moravian region in the northern tip of depressed Boskovická called Wake. The small area located next to each other harsh environments Drahanská highlands, warm and fertile valley Boskovická ridges and hills again, wooded foothills foothills of Upland. Forests are an oasis of calm, inviting you to walk or ride on horseback or by bike. Region smell apples, plums. Let us invite a typical dialect malohanáckým to taste the famous local...
Municipalities:Borotín, Brťov-Jeneč, Cetkovice, Malá Roudka - Skočova Lhota, Svárov, Světlá, Šebetov, Uhřice, Úsobrno, Vanovice, Velké Opatovice
Microregion Olešnický is located in the northwestern part of the region Boskovicko. Neighbouring Vysočina and Pardubice Region. The northern boundary is the land border between Bohemia and Moravia. The total acreage of the territory is 4539 hectares, the total population of two 950th For his activities in the Rural Renewal Programme Olesnice acquired in 1999 as the winner of the prestigious national competition "Village of the Republic". In the same year it was addressed to the President of the...
Municipalities:Crhov, Kněževes, Křtěnov, Lhota u Olešnice, Louka, Olešnice, Rozsíčka, Sulíkov, Ústup
 Drahanská Highlands
Micro-Drahan Highlands stretches west from Vyškov. Its name is chosen according to the upland area that extends to the Moravian Karst. Micro-witnesses combines ancient and recent history in the form of a unique historical buildings with an attractive landscape that is suitable to visit in all seasons. Traces of the oldest settlement in this area date back to the Stone Age. Major monuments left the Bronze Age and Iron Age in the form of heavily fortified hradisek, whose remains are found over Luleč,...
Municipalities:Drnovice, Habrovany, Ježkovice, Krásensko, Luleč, Nemojany, Nové Sady, Olšany, Podomí, Račice-Pístovice, Ruprechtov, Studnice
Micro-Čebínka is located in a picturesque area Tischnowitz. Čebínka micro-region, is located on the northwest edge of the Brno-country district in the Southern Region. Established in 2002, an association of seven villages. The whole territory belongs to the catchment area Svratka and covers an area of ​​4850 hectares. The name is derived from micro Čebínka Hill (431 m), which dominates the micro-region.
Municipalities:Čebín, Drásov, Hradčany, Malhostovice, Sentice, Skalička, Všechovice