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Beneš Sport Complex in Břeclav

From May 1st 2010, the fitness and welness club was canceled. From this date the Sportcomplex club operates as a cycling division and a club for holding of sport and cultural events only.

Blansko - Finnish sauna, infrared sauna

Finnish sauna, divided into groups of men, women, shared a sauna, the number of seats in the sauna is the optimal number of 8-10 people.

Blansko - Salt Cave

Orange-red cave walls are constructed from Himalayan salt which is mined in the foothills of the Himalayas - in Pakistan. The old salt is 250 miles. years, causing the red color of iron oxide impurities. The floor is covered with a layer of rock salt from Poland, at 10-15 cm. Also, this old salt is 250 miles. years. The circulating water sources called brine, which is the solution, which consists of drinking water and salt from the Dead Sea. The salt contained in the brine evaporates into the salt...

Blansko - Wellness Center VitaLine

VitaLine Wellness Center is newly opened and in operation since 16 April 2007, so greatly add to the hotel ensures a valuable service and charge for guests in any weather. Here you can relax and renew their mental and physical strength and undergo detoxification, beauty or spa "treatment." Ahead of you and I dream of our Physiotherapists and beneficial effects of salt water, heat and smell of herbs and treatments. Entrance is 120 minutes and for up to 16 people. VitaLine Wellness Center offers...

Blansko - Wellness Services

Blansko Services also operates: swimming pool Finnish sauna infrared sauna solarium massage Whirlpool Rehabilitation pool fitness center - gym water park winter stadium restaurant hostel Aquapark miniature golf and playground on the recreation area Palava.

Boby Center in Brno

Sports, entertainment and convention complex, which includes a hotel. Fully air-conditioned bowling center offers 4 fully automated rail system and a bar for 50 people. In Bobycentrum See also: fitness, aerobics and free consultations with a trainer, squash (5 fully air-conditioned courts with rackets and balls), billiard room (the billiard table and a pool), darts, American roulette and karts Go Kart.

Břeclav - Salt cave

The air quality is similar to sterile setting in a surgery. The cave helps to cure diseases, relax, draw minerals, keep physical and mental condition.

Břeclav - Salt-Iodine cave

Lately open salt-iodine cave in urban neighbourhood Charvátská Nová Ves.

Garra Rufus therapy

Regeneration of your forces in 15 minutes. Automatic Massage Chair:-Chinese massage-sports massage-Thai massage-massage-controlled music-Diagnostics Relieves muscle tension, revives the blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and pain, reduces stress, induces deep relaxation. The healing touch of nature firsthand. Natural treatment:-Psoriasis, eczema, skin fungus, warts, acne Fish pedicure:-natural peeling, micro-massage of the reflex points, stimulation, relaxation, mental hygiene

Hodonin - Salt gallery (Cave)

It was opened in the Museum of Oil Mining and Geology in Barrack Street in Hodonin. There are built more like 20 tons of salt produced from well-known Polish mines in Bochnia, Wieličce and the last active mine in Klodavě.

Hotel Iris

Wellness hotel Palava. We offer a wellness weekend, a relaxing stay, a weekend stay, a family vacation. We organize corporate events, seminars, Teambuilding, congresses, celebrations, social events, parties, banquets. The hotel has a restaurant with a terrace, where we offer a wide selection of specialties and wines from Moravia. Arrange a wine tasting in the wine cellar. The modern wellness center - massage, sauna, herbal steam bath. Total capacity is 62 beds. Rental of conference space.

In-door swimming pool in Břeclav

Operation of in-door swimming pool and summer open air pool.

Infrasauna Boskovice

Otevřeli jsme pro vás infrasaunu ve městě Boskovice blízko Brna. Nabízíme vám možnost relaxace a regenerace organismu. Infrasaunu oceníte především, pokud z jakýchkoliv důvodů nemůžete využít klasickou saunu. Kromě saunování v infrasauně u nás můžete vyzkoušet i speciální kyslíkovou terapii. K dispozici jsou tři soukromé infrasauny. Nově nabízíme i masáže.

Salon Spa Therapy

Lázeňská péče v salonu THERAPY nabízí kompletní regenerační program a estetickou péči: Péči o bličej i tělo pomocí ajurvédských produktů(vodní kůru, peelingy a zábaly, četné masáže). Jedná se o služby na vysoké úrovni, ale zejména postupy, které jsou vysoce individualizované od stanovení diagnózy k samotné péči. PÉČE O OBLIČEJ Představte si vyjímečnou péči poskytovanou v luxusním prostředí, relaxaci a naprostý požitek. Regenerační a relaxační...

Spa Jupiter

The spa is focused on providing comprehensive spa services in the following areas: back pain and joint pain, obese, cellulite, lymphatic system, cleansing and slimming cures. We use a combination of treatments, the latest equipment and technology. There are herbal steam bath, vibro, infra, Tibetan steam bath.

Spa Lázně Lednice.

Všechny pokoje ****Spa Hotelu Miroslava nabízí hostům čtyřhvězdičkový komfort. Všechny pokoje jsou komfortně a moderně zařízeny designovým nábytkem a poskytují tak lázeňským hostům nejvyšší pohodlí. Jedinečnost každého pokoje podtrhují také moderní tapety. Pro pohodlný a ničím nerušený spánek a relaxaci jsou pro Vás na lůžkách přichystány zdravotní matrace a antialergické lůžkoviny. V celém hotelu je také hostům k dispozici internet. Skladba pokojů 3x...

Letovice - Massage - Anthony Zilka

Mr. Anthony Zilka offers classic sports massage. Massage Letovice place in the sports hall, which is located on the street in the gardens.

Letovice-Massage-Ing. Radka Purketová

Ing. Radka Purketová offers you several types of massages, from classic relaxation and regeneration after the special.

Mikulov - Aquarium Relax

Aquarium of relaxation can be characterized as a wellness center with a restaurant and wine cellar. The Wellness Center can visit the salt cave, sauna, whirlpool, spinning, swimming pool, massage and fitness. The gym is offered Pilates, power yoga exercises to strengthen the abdomen, sore back and other health exercises.

Mikulov - Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation center, laser work, massage, back school.

Miniwellness Kyjov

You want to relax and do something for your health? Chatting with friends in a pleasant environment or spend a romantic moment in two? Visit our MiniWellness in Kyjov, offering an exclusive lease of two separate parts-AQUA and SAUNA. Reservations required in advance at 518 307 732.

Nordic Walking M-Studio in Mikulov

This is a revitalizing and relaxing salon, where you can work on your character to enhance their health, or relax with a variety of activities. One is Nordic walking. This activity is suitable for everyone - from people at an advanced age for active athletes. It is an effective full body workout designed to reduce weight, maintain and improve fitness, relaxation. People involved in this walk up to 90% of all muscles. M-Studio provides this service for groups of 3-10 people and is designed for Czech...

Rehabilitation Centre - Massage

Massage room is located in a rehabilitation center, offering massage the neck (90, - CZK), back (120, - CZK), back + neck (200, - CZK), leg (280, - CZK), or full body massage (540, - CZK). Orders for the massage can be in agreement with the operator to take time out of working hours.

Fitness studio

Report 6 recovery tables with adjustable speed offers an incredible number of options exercises and thus becomes attractive to all age groups. Ten gears allows you to appropriately combine passive exercise, muscle contractions in different lengths. Therefore, the device can be used both on rehabilitation, as well as use and shaping of the character.By using a passive and repetitive muscle movements become isokinetic stronger and more flexible and significantly shaping the characters. Of health benefits...

Šroubárna Kyjov Sauna

Facilities: sauna, a cooling pool, refreshment

Solimare-salt cave Kyjov

Salt cave Kyjov belongs to the most efficient type of man-made salt caves, and the cave of salts from the dead sea. Salt is a complex and demanding way-pressing and heating without using any binder. It retains the original chemical composition. From the caves of the rock salt, which contain only 3% minerals has up to 55% and contains more than 22 species of them. Some of them you will not find in any other salt and are highly prized for the benefits of relaxation, nourishing the skin, activating...

Salt Cave

For children there is a sand-salt and salt is the same across the cave floor, so you can play kdekoliv.Navíc is equipped with a germicidal lamp and a ventilation system, which completely clears vzduch.Žádné bacteria are not viable and it is approaching a sterile operating room environment. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. (From 16.00 to order only) Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. (Reservation) (3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. last crust) Sunday closed

Salt cave in Břeclav

In the salt cave is a specific micro-climate, similar to the seaside. When you stay in the salt cave are inhalation mikroelementů, containing minerals and trace elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism. Relaxing treatment favorably affects whether or not the human psyche and contributes to your health. One procedure in the cave of salt coming from the dead sea in Israel and from the salt mines in Pakistan, according to experts, makes up 2-3 days stay by the sea. Thanks...

Joy Squash Brno

Sports Centre, which offers 4 air-conditioned courts ASB, 3 bowling alleys, indoorcycling, infra, the possibility of arranging a room for corporate events, but also training in the newly refurbished restaurant.

Studio M

-Classic pedicure-luxury spa pedicure O. P. I.-manicure-nail nail art-nail art

Studio Quatro

Massages, cosmetics, pedicure, manicure, nail art, nail, hair removal with warm wax, solagenárium, herbal steam bath, permanent eyelashes, decorative Crystal on the teeth, pernamentní makeup.


We offer water SPA with relaxing swimming pools and salt baths, steam sauna world with relaxation area and an outdoor pool with terrace, ice. You can use the modern fitness, vocational and exotic massages, private whirlpool, solarium with collagen and wellness stays.

Brno - Infinite Wellness Center at Hotel Santon

Wellness Center offers: relaxation pool Finnish sauna steam bath Private Jacuzzi professional massage fitness center with cardio area (personal trainer, fitness, specializing in fyziofitness) solarium - vertical sunbeds

Wellness SPA & Infinit Maximus

In the wellness centre Infinit Maximus will open the door to the spa with water SPA zone (adventure pool with counter current, water spouts and Pearl bed, whirlpool with starry sky), a sauna world with three types of saunas (tropical, honey and the Finnish outdoor sauna) and two steam baths, a cooling zone (pool, Finnish ice bucket and ice) and a relaxation room, private baths (whirlpool, bathtub and hydro-massage Bali adventure whirlpool bath), and massage rooms.

Wellness salon Serafin

Complete cosmetic, massage and fitstudio for your healthy body and mind.

Wellness studio in Břeclav

Pomůžeme Vám postupně změnit Vaše stravovací návyky, dosáhnout optimální váhy a zlepšit tak Vaši fyzickou i duševní kondici. Naučíme Vás správně jíst a hlavně pozitivně myslet ve vztahu k sobě. Našimi klienty jsou lidé všech věkových kategorií, kteří chtějí zlepšit kvalitu svého života a cítit se lépe. Náš osobní poradce Vám přímo na míru sestaví individuální program, který povede k následujícímu cíli. S námi dosáhnete : - detoxikaci těla,...
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