Wine Cellars

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Cícha Vaclav Ing. Cíchová Alena - Family Winery Cíchová

Family winery manages more than 4 hectares of vineyards, located on world-class slopes of the White Carpathians. We focus mainly on the production of wines with special attributes, including ice and straw. Sitting in a wine cellar.

Imperial vaults these days, cooperative

Imperial Cellars Čejkovice winery based on tradition Dear Customer, buy wine cellars of the Emperor you continued the tradition of winemaking, whose history began 1763. From 1763-1918 this was the imperial family owned winery Maria Theresa. The winery was also the blacksmith shop, where in 1865 he taught blacksmith and the first Czechoslovak president TG Masaryk. These historic buildings have been sensitively with regard to the history of this place rebuilt, the fact that in these buildings...

CROY Concept sro

CROY Concept Company, Ltd. is engaged in production of exclusive wines. Currently manages 40 hectares of vineyards in the countryside for Pálavou Plains - a region near Podluzi Breclav. There is already a trademark CROY Wine & Design Manufacture and related CROY Concept was created three years ago. Through its activities, and skill, however, follows the tradition of wine ranging up to, a documented chronicle of gender, in 1632. The ambition is to establish conditions in the Czech original producer...

Čebav Ltd.

Tvrdonice found in the southernmost part of Moravia, overlooking the forest. It is the only region of sun, but also live folklore and beautiful folk songs. Čebav The company was founded in 1996 by the merger of two wineries roddiných (Bohemia, Balge). Currently We farm on 32 ha of own vineyards. They are usually younger plantations established in 1997. Varietal track is very wide. Our efforts in the cultivation of grapes to achieve optimum yields, high quality way that environmentally-friendly....

Bohemia from Moravia sro

Family winery with a long tradition, the legacy of otců.Produkuje wine with its own vineyard, aged in oak and acacia oak barrels for one year. Wines also aged in the bottle, in the picturesque wine cellars archive Nechory village. Nechory folk have a memorable experience in a pleasant environment where you will be surrounded by streets with a wine cellar.

Daniel Valentova al. Ltd. - Pension and wine cellar in Úvaly

Daniel Company Ltd. Valentova. s ro, established in 2007 to the current activities of Miss Ing. Valentová and provide tasting and presentation services are developed to the status quo, which specializes in organizing corporate training, tasting, accommodation in "vínoturistice. At present the area of ​​300 square meters in basements Úvaly at Valtice, buys most of its needs of grapes and produces wine under its own brand of ING. Valentova.

Tasting Cellar VINO Hort

It offers the possibility of a free tasting of your choice 1-6 wine samples for individuals and groups. Children are prepared wine games and coloring books, "Small growers'


The cellar dates from the eighteenth century (1773). The winery was founded in 1945 block of Joseph, his son Ladislav work followed, then a daughter Emily in 1979. Winery has become a family tradition.
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