Wine Cellars

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Lednice - Jordan Wine Cellar

Wine cellar in the building guesthouse with its own tasting of twelve different wines and grilling fish and meat. Capacity up to 60 people.

Lednice - Wine cellar My hotel

Part of the hotel complex is a wine cellar for 80 persons. We can prepare a tasting of local wines associated with sitting at the dulcimer or gypsy music. Cellar will be happy to open the request and prepare a small or a larger buffet. Recently, in a stylish wine, with a selection of local wines, for smaller groups such as the tasting room.

LIVI, spol. s ro

Established in 1990 as a winery Miroslav Chytil. In 1996, the emergence of LIVI - extension to the production of spirits.

Louka monastery in Znojmo

This is a monastýry, Tera was founded in 1190 Znojmo Prince Otto Konrad and his mother Mary. Current events in the Louka monastery is closely connected with the name of Znovín Znojmo. Awaiting you is visitor center, a picture gallery, coopers and wine museum, wine shop and many other attractions. Journey to the Znojmo wine therefore starts here. To know more about the history of the monastery and to identify places where they normally do not get visitors, then you can take part in organized tours....

Lubomir Zborovská

Zborovská Wine is part of the tourism program, "Open Cellars" and a member of Association of the Great Wine Pavlovic. Accommodation and seating area with wine tasting in a wine cellar with the possibility of cold and hot dishes, local specialties, offers 4 double rooms (extra bed) with private bathroom, TV and kitchenette. Kvelbený cellar is accessible to everyone ubytovaného.Každý room in the basement has its own lockable cubby in which to prepare the free bottle of wine for consumption according...

Small wineries Novotny

Our small winery was established only recently - in the spring of 2006. Yet we are to producing wines of great experience. Our wines are successful in many important exhibitions and received many awards.

Maňák Joseph - wineries and B & B

The family winery was established in 1992 with a focus on producing high quality Moravian wines. Connects years of experience in traditional cellar holding today's modern options.

MARIPET - Mary and Peter Lhota Betting

Mikrovinařství - production of wine from their own vineyards. Sitting in a wine cellar for families or small groups with overnight (without any comfort).

Martin Sebesta

Newly established winery founded in 2002 production of bottled wines from our own production produced in the hottest areas in CR. Minimum harvest maximum + care = Grape the only path to high-end wines.

Matušek Paul - Winery At Holy Cross

The family winery was founded in 2000 and followed the tradition of wine production and sales of their ancestors. Winery draws on the latest knowledge and technology of wine production. Wines are produced by controlled fermentation and other advanced technological processes. Our new winery produces quality grapes which are the basis for the production of premium quality wines. This confirms that we received with our wines among the top 100 wines of 2008 and our products are sold in the Wine Salon...
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