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Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau

Address:Zámecká 93, 671 03 Vranov nad Dyjí
GPS coordinates:48°53'33.659"N
Telephone:+420 515 296 215
Fax:+420 515 282 080
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Vranov nad Dyjí ChateauVranov nad Dyjí ChateauVranov nad Dyjí ChateauVranov nad Dyjí ChateauVranov nad Dyjí Chateau

Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau, situated on the southern border of the Czech state about 110 km from Vienna, is one of the most remarkable secular buildings of the Central European Baroque. It emerged from a conversion of a castle of the provincial nobility combining Roman and Gothic features, with the first written account dating back to the year 1100. The chateau was given its present appearance by the counts of Althann in 1665, after a devastating fire. In the late 17th century the Althanns, to the design of renowned court architect Jan Bernard Fischer of Erlach, first built and decorated the impressive Hall of Ancestors that dominates the rugged landscape and magnifies its characteristic visual amenity. Subsequently they built the chateau chapel of the Blessed Trinity as an ideological counterbalance. They topped the conversion in the 18th century by adding the residential buildings of the court of honour. After the Althanns the chateau went to the Polish Mniszek family that brought the renowned Vranov stoneware factory to prosperity. A related family, Stadnický, held the castle until the beginning of World War II. Today, as a national cultural heritage situated in the western part of the Podyjí National Park, it is in the state’s custody.
Opening Hours:The first circuit. In April and October 9 to 16 hours in May, June and September 9 to 17 hours in July and August 9 to 18 hours. In April and October is only open on weekends and public holidays, on weekdays only for organized, pre-ordered and the administration confirmed the lock group. Closing day for the entire season Monday, usually the day after a public holiday.
The second circuit. July and August from 9 to 17.30 hours. Closing day is Monday and usually after a public holiday.
Third Circuit. Since moving the date of the June opening of the exhibition and on weekends in September from 9.30 to 16 hours during July and August from 9:30 pm to 17 hours. The closing date is Monday, and after a public holiday.
Fourth Circuit. Tours can be made only after prior arrangement with the management of Castle Vranov, from May to September visiting on the first circuit.
Permitted by the traffic situation is at an additional cost and with the consent of the lock management - providing tour and beyond that time.

First circuit: historic interiors
Tour with a guide. It takes about 55 minutes. The intervals between the summer usually 10 minutes. Lunch break in the opening schedule for 12 to 13 hours. The last tour starts one hour before the end of the opening period. The highest number of visitors in a group of 25 adults.
Second Circuit: chapel
Guided tours. The visit takes approximately 15 minutes, when the tour exhibition, then 30 minutes. The highest number of visitors in a group of 50 people. The intervals between about 30 minutes. Lunch break 12 to 13 hours. Last tour at 16.30 hours.
The third circle: an exhibition of historical seasonal arts and crafts
Tours without a guide. The length of any tour in operating time. No lunch break.
The fourth circle: Castle Garden
The visit takes approximately 20 minutes. The maximum number of visitors in the group of 15 persons. Tours can be guided only by the server specialist, structured single topic interpretations.
Foreign visitors are available printed texts in Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, English and German. The possibility of a living foreign language interpretation in English and German in July and August, except this time mostly in German.
Tourist season:April - October
Ticket Sale:Admission reduced entrance fee and the entry of reduced Admission Family II
1st circuit (Interiors) 120, - CZK 80, - CZK 25, - CZK 320, - CZK
2nd circuit (Chapel) 40, - CZK 20, - CZK - 100, - CZK
3rd circuit (Exhibition) 40, - CZK 20, - CZK 10, - CZK -
4th circuit (Garden) 65, - CZK 30, - CZK - -

Reduced input and
Children 6 to 15 years, students under 26 and seniors over 65 years, holders of certificates and ID cards, ISIC card and EURO only types of learners.

Reduced admission II
1st Circuit - organized groups of children under 5 years
2nd range - paid while purchasing tickets for the First Circuit.

Family ticket
Parents and up to three children under 15 years of age.

Children under 6 years (outside organized trips), journalists reporting in advance the administration lock for working visits and holders of such licenses and certificates - a guide with SDP, the Fund for Children, ICOMOS, ICOM, Museums and Galleries Association, NPU plus three family members Head of pre-booked journeys over 20 people
Wheelchair Access:Yes
Catering Facilities:Yes
Maybe you don't know that ...:Nearby objectives
- The remains of a medieval castle Vranov
- Architecture of Ancestors of Althann Hall and Chapel of the Holy Trinity from the protagonist of European Baroque architecture Berharda Johann Fischer von Erlach
- A rich collection of stone products factory Vranov (1799 - 1882)
- Classical and romantic castle interiors of the 18th and the 19th century

Special offers and events
- Civil and religious wedding ceremonies
- Exhibition in the old carriage barn, in the chapel and the gallery Thayana
- Petrified Cultural Summer (concerts and theater performances)

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