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Water tank Letovice

GPS coordinates:49°33'26.608"N
Water tank LetoviceWater tank LetoviceWater tank Letovice

Valley reservoir on the river Křetínka was built between 1972 - 1976 and passed into operation in 1978. The total area of ​​the reservoir is 104.6 hectares, its length is 4.7 km and in some places reaches a depth of 27.3 m. The main aim of this work is the balancing of the water of the river Svitavy. It is a dam used for recreation, fishing and water sports. Surrounding the water tank is also suitable for hiking and cycling. On the banks of the dam is prohibited camping, camping and making fires. An exception to this prohibition applies to recreational facilities "Svitavice" and for the premises TJ Sokol Letovice - Sailing Section.
Opening Hours:Water tank Letovice is freely accessible.
Tourist season:year
Catering Facilities:Yes
Maybe you don't know that ...:Water tank near Letovice is better known under the name Křetínka.

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