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Dungeon Cave near the village Holštejn

GPS coordinates:49°24'4"N
Dungeon Cave near the village Holštejn

Dungeon (sometimes called Lidomorna) is a cave, which is located in the rock below the castle Holštejn in the Moravian Karst. It leads to marked tourist paths. It is a former White Water margin cave. The cave consists of a large house about 17 m high 25 x 35 m. The dome is attached next four smaller halls. Henry Charles Wankel and Absolon when searching caves found hand-carved steps in the hall, which originally led from the castle to the ceiling of the cave. The hall is overwhelmed with the surface. The dungeon is going vybouraným hole at the foot of the cliff. In the dungeon now rare bats hibernate, and big-eared bat.
Opening Hours:Cave Dungeon is open to the public. However, it is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Moravian Karst. And if you take the red tourist signs, you can not miss.
Maybe you don't know that ...:The name is not original and was on the theory that the cave has a connection with the castle, and thus could serve as a dungeon. The theory also relies on large quantities of human bones found at the premises and sealed the cave entrance.

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