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Horse Station Letonice

Address:Letonice 449, 683 35 Letonice
GPS coordinates:49°10'24.775"N
Contact person:Ing. Jiří Pospíšil
Telephone:+420 603 219 663
Horse Station LetoniceHorse Station LetoniceHorse Station Letonice

Horse Station is part of the leisure time area Procyon os with horseback riding. The area has a sand arena with training and riding of the different leisure activities and organization of historical tournaments.
The content of the activities and objectives of the association:
- Keeping its members to ethical, aesthetic and moral rules
- Participation of children and youth in development activities in the community and neighborhood
- Hippotherapy, canistherapy
- Organizing leisure activities for children, youth and adults inc. disabled children and their parents
- Pořádíní cultural and sporting events
- Restoration and maintenance of folk traditions, including the protection of heritage, cultural values ​​and landscape
- Education for shared responsibility of citizens for the state of the environment - nature and landscape protection
- Support the development of civic initiatives at local and regional level
- Cross-sectoral cooperation
- Training, consulting and lecturing
- Construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment required for the activities to be
- Lift "to fry"
- Climbing trainer "Bert" Climbing for Beginners
- Replica watch tower 7 m fiberglass climbing wall
- Sand arena 44x22 m
- Grassy arena 50x50 m
- Circular enclosure (riding) 18 m
- Horse station at 1 Regional hipostezce horse with a nature trail leading to a nature reserve vanes (NATURA) and a heritage zone Lysovice
- Rest, refreshments
Wheelchair Access:Yes

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