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Dub MD. Frantisek Jelinek

GPS coordinates:49°25'6.277"N
Fax:+420 566 566 384
Dub MD. Frantisek JelinekDub MD. Frantisek Jelinek

This is a burly oak, which grows in the nearby Falcon Lázech rocks. Its trunk circumference is 3.20 m and it is by far the mightiest tree in this neighborhood.
Not grow as a specimen somewhere in the top of the hill, as one might expect, but rather on his hillside, surrounded by young, the surrounding forest. Yet you find it in the stand immediately and you are you are interested. Does the story itself is a secret, but which only some understand .... and among these was one of the MD. Frank Jelinek, who fell in love with this tree. Even so, that are meant to rest in the shadow forever, but it did not happen. The only place left rough stone, which recalls the idea of ​​him and sign with the motto:
"What God created
To honor and take care
Aye hunters either
first law of yours. "
Opening Hours:The tree can take the whole year.
Tourist season:year

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