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Mgr. Vit Dockal, Ph.D.

Address:Bulhary 210
GPS coordinates:48°49'58.19"N
Telephone:777 172 297
Mgr. Vit Dockal, Ph.D.Mgr. Vit Dockal, Ph.D.Mgr. Vit Dockal, Ph.D.

Our wines reflect the best of what art Moravian wines currently offered: tradition and character of small wineries and innovation and modern technology, the big ones. Our production units in the order of only a thousand bottles a year is a guarantee of the highest quality.
- Sales of bottled wine (with an emphasis on quality predicate)
- Tasting with expert commentary
- Friendly furniture in the basement Haban
- The possibility of event and ensure enoagroturistiky events

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