Brewery Vyskov

Address:Czech Beverage Industry Company a.s. Praha, provozovna Pivovar Vyškov, Náměstí Čsl. armády 116/4, 682 01 Vyškov
GPS coordinates:49°16'34.06"N
Telephone:+420 517 444 072
Brewery VyskovBrewery VyskovBrewery VyskovBrewery Vyskov

The brewery was founded in 1680. From 1680 until October 1855 led brewery Olomouc bishopric. Then until 1945 was rented out to various tenants. For the period of its existence was finally fires several times, but always was again renovated and beer production has been restored. In 1945 the brewery came under national management and was nationalized in 1948.
Brewery Vyskov is a major business body in the region. At present, all the basic beer brewed under the brands the athlete (8th.), ten (10), the pitcher (11st.), February (12nd.), General (14th.), Alkostop (without alcohol). The next group of products are then mixed drinks and Beer Mix Cola and CROSS a lemon. Part of the sales portfolio of specialty beers and beer are intended mainly for export purposes.
Beer from the brewery has received in the past, Vyškov many awards. The last was the granting of the brand and the products-Klasa pitcher and Breznak and awards the "satisfied customer of South Moravian region 2013".
When you visit, you have the option to participate in Vyškov tour of the brewery with the possibility to visit the Brewery Pub and buying beer and souvenirs in the brewery shop.
At present, the area of the brewery Vyskov in letting the company Czech Beverage Industry Company, which continues in the historic tradition of the production of beer on the Vyškovsku.

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