Robert Sedlak

Robert Sedlak

Robert Farmer was výraznamnou figure of the last century in Sloupský region. Born in the celebrations, as the third child of four siblings of whom only he lived to adulthood, when his two older sisters and younger brother died at an early age. His father was a longtime mayor later Veselice Francis Farmer, son of the famous Wenceslas karst researchers from Cavalleria Column and mother of Francis Šenkýřová jamboree. Robert's parents settled in the house No. 40 standing in close proximity both veselických ponds. They fascinated him so much that his frequent theme in the book Tales, fairy tales, stories from villages Lawrence, jamboree, Suchdol and around the water sprite, and other supernatural beings. This work also includes such legends of King Premysl Otakar II. On the ruins of Blansko and many others, as captured from a folk tale.
Even as a child attending elementary school in Lawrence was a very good student. He excelled particularly in art class, he loved music and after he graduated from the Business Academy in Brno, he trained and worked in the locksmith strojírny Adamov. In addition, the versatile musician could play the trumpet, violin, but his beloved instrument was the button accordion. His artistic ability made later, his native village house small galleries. Veseličtí citizens to his garden to see the statue of a deer, stork, frogs, etc., which modeled itself on the concrete, properly adjusted and the color and then placed in the garden beside the house.
His later experiences began to acquire a 19-year-old in France, where he traveled in 1922, still three veselickými friends. Even there, showed his sense of visual design in making gravůrovaných symbols on metal stamping forms in the engineering plant. A short stay in France he might inspire his uncle Vincent farmer, living in Vienna and then the rest of his life in faraway America, where he was an active member of various expatriate clubs and poetry magazine based in such Treasurer.
Hobbies Cavalleria Robert were really wide. From the puppet theater to theater amateur, through research on the history of the jamboree and other settlements in the vicinity, for example after making up your own button accordion - Heligonky. His great love was theater. Besides directing, he was also the author of the costumes and scenes, as well as the contractor backdrops. In order to build a picture of the life of previous generations was a frequent visitor to the archive in Blansko district, as well as archives in Brno, Kromeriz, Olomouc etc.. A lot of very valuable information, especially the folk literature, life and habits of citizens in the 18th veselických and 19 gained from centuries of oral storytelling, as he told stories of memorable grandfathers and grandmothers. All information obtained after the two-part written in the Memorial, dedicated citizens jamboree, Lawrence, and New Suchdol nd. Once in 1960 merged these villages, he was the chronicler of the village from 1964 until 1974. He was a known associate scientist Ervin Black - Křetínského, who provided invaluable information about the extinct settlements around the jamboree. The often reported their findings in a regional weekly newspaper New Life, but also contributed to Sloup Hřebenáč newsletter. In addition to these activities was also active in the local fire brigade and other organizations.
He and his wife raised two children, elder son of Eugene and a daughter, Ludmila, who both signed to the profession. At the end of his life still had many plans. One of them was to give a greater load-mentioned book of fairy tales and legends that would get a wider reading public in the region. For example, find out where in fact somewhere in the neighborhood became extinct village jamboree hills. Unfortunately, only remained at the plans and similar questions, Mr. Robert Farmer has answers.
At the conclusion of the memories of this very vigorous and modest person I would like to use the last verses of his poems, which he dedicated to the citizens of the jamboree, Lawrence, and New Suchdol nd.

Just a beautiful tradition, from father to son,
we honor the legacy of ancestors, our homeland.
To never foreign manners did not,
and eternal heritage of our fathers kept.

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