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Louka monastery in Znojmo

Address:Loucká 29, Znojmo
GPS coordinates:48°50'23.216"N
Telephone:+420 515 267 458, +420 606 624 648
Fax:+420 515 221 650
Louka monastery in Znojmo

This is a monastýry, Tera was founded in 1190 Znojmo Prince Otto Konrad and his mother Mary. Current events in the Louka monastery is closely connected with the name of Znovín Znojmo. Awaiting you is visitor center, a picture gallery, coopers and wine museum, wine shop and many other attractions. Journey to the Znojmo wine therefore starts here.

To know more about the history of the monastery and to identify places where they normally do not get visitors, then you can take part in organized tours. The program includes a welcome in the visitor center, tour image gallery, a Romanesque crypt, cooper and wine museum, stucco halls and basements. Tour ends with a tasting of five samples of wine.

Znojmo are several biking and hiking trails.
Opening Hours:In season, daily:
3rd 4th - 3 10th 2010 April 2 - 02 10th 2011
Mon - Sun: 9.00 - 18.00

On the basis of an order:
1st 1st - 2 4th 2010; 3 10th - 31 12th 2011 Tel.: 515267458, 606624648
Tourist season:April-October
Ticket Sale:Admission:
children 45 CZK
Adults 70 CZK (including tastings and a souvenir "koštovačky).

Tour length is approximately 90 minutes.

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