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Painter Pavel Vavrys

Painter Pavel Vavrys

Born on 18th December 1947 in Mikulčice.
From 1963 to 1967 he studied Applied Arts in Uherske Hradiste.
Between 1967 and 1973 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, prof. Karel Soucek.
It belongs to a generation of artists forming in the mid 70s. His prose has a tendency to conventional values ​​of painting is the perfect crafted, imaginative composition, has a distinctive coloristic quality and richly structured manuscript. These means of expression are equally valuable in the spiritual equivalent of the image content. Thematically, the general sense, dealing with questions of human existence. They usually have many levels of meaning and content relationships, characterized by a large force of authentic testimony and psychological depth. Their humanistic tone reflects the author's belief in positive human values ​​and life.
Maybe you don't know that ...:Major awards:

1962 Silver Cup - World Festival of Children's paintings in India
1974 Reward in the national competition to 30.výročí SNP
1975 Higher remuneration in the national competition to 30.výročí liberation of Czechoslovakia from fascism
1982 1st prize "Golden Palette" XIV.mezinárodní painting festival in Cagnes sur Mer, France
1982 Annual Award SČVU and CFVU
1986 Price of Kosice on VII.mezinárodním Biennale painting in Kosice, Slovakia
1988 Grand Prix at the Triennial VI.mezinárodním paintings in Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 Price of Rudolf II. for art, Masaryk and the European Academy of Arts Prague

His paintings are represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, in most regional galleries in the Czech Republic and in numerous private collections all over the world.

Permanent exhibition of his works are permanently present to visitors in the Gallery Vavrys, Knight 11, Prague.

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