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64 - Where are you going?: Marian Valley in Ochoze

Target Group:Adults without chidlren, Families with small children, Seniors, Youth
Suitable for:cycling, walking
Route Length:10 km

Marian Valley full of mills and a paradise for children

Marian Valley - meanders By Marian Valley in Brno Lisen be reached easily by bus. In the final you will follow the tourist route, which is largely wheelchair accessible and suitable for wheelchairs. While the previous regime's Communist Party held a rally today here you go with the family on children's days with friends or at events. Small most tourists love the zoo at the restaurant Eldorado . In the tourist season you will find inflatable attractions and regularly held here to be burning witches. Pony and donkeys pass freely among the visitors, which are accustomed to graze in peace. Running around in the playpen Cameroon goats or sheep. People here wear them with apples or dried bread for food. Farther find Kadlcův mill , which today houses a restaurant. The first mill here was already in 1558, but instead wrote a history of a different fate. After the construction of water reservoirs, which were to supply water in the wet cement, the mill came the water. He began to disintegrate, and the owner of it still being repaired. Inside, you will still see the rest of the transmission, the original beer cellar and contemporary images. On one note as well, which still stands in the yard. From the menu, we tested miller toast, which will replace the small hotel for lunch and it is everything you said Miller could afford.

Despite Horákov castle shed Mucha

Horákov Castle It is said that Říčka traders went to Brno. The clever gentlemen from Lisen invented that will have to pay the toll for passage. The protest began vendors carry their wares across Klajdovka, so that way now leads busy road. As a result, the Marian Valley preserved its natural beauty, which creates a beautiful creek creek meanders. Once there stood Horákov Castle, which is first placed in it in 1464 as abandoned. Wiped it again fraternal disputes sons Henry Margrave. On the other hand used to be a strategic strength of the Old Palace, at the same point people have lived in the Palaeolithic. According to one of the legends were both associated leather fortified bridge. Mucha lodge has a history dating back to the interwar period. Veteran of World War II, Mr. Amis said there was already offering refreshments to the workers, who went to work in a cement plant. The citizens of Brno in the nearby pond and now skates in the winter and summer swim here. Not far away is a nature trail information board.

Unique prehistoric sites and stalactite Pearl

Anthropos Pavilion On the route visit the cave certainly a bakery , one of the most important archaeological sites in Central Europe. The hunters of reindeer and horses may be used mainly in winter. They came here to Western Europe, so it is the same civilization that has left her paintings at Altamira, Spain and Lascaux, France. Because their livelihood spent about an hour or two a day, had time to pursue the spiritual life. Moreover, they were very artistically skilled, and therefore the most valuable discoveries include a picture of the bones of bison and horses. This is not about ritual objects, but a lyrical depiction of nature. The findings can be viewed in Brno Anthropos Pavilion, which was founded by Charles Absolon. A little further you will see the entrance to the cave Ochozské . Visitors are always open on Earth Day and the Feast of Saint. Wenceslas. For most of the year is unavailable due to high levels Hostinsky stream. The caves of the discovery was considered the most beautiful in its full beauty. Although the Second World War, hiding people and destroyed most of stalactites and stalagmites, the visit will enchant you. The cave is not lit, so you take a flashlight. Underground water shaped corridor, so reminiscent of film scenes from a sci-fi film. The ceilings are covered with thousands of straw sinter decoration is created on earth, and so will amaze and sinter River. From here it's just Ochoze in less than two kilometers, this bus runs frequently Integrated Transport System of.