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Den lidových řemesel a ochutnávka "neoveských" vín

Dates from - to:01.05.2012 10:00 - 01.05.2012
Venue:Prostranství před kostelem Sv. Jakuba a obecním úřadem
Type of Event:Folklore, Gastronomy, Music and Dance, Viniculture
Organiser:Moravian village township new
Telephone:519 342 202
Prvomájová traditional wine tasting events, which represent the various crafts from near and wide and, together with accompanying music program not only folklore character. Wine tasting will be held from 10.00 am to 22.00 pm
Target Group:Adults without chidlren, Families with small children, Seniors, Youth
Ticket Sale:Vstupné na Den lidových řemesel 100,- a vstupné na ochutnávku vína 100,- (katalog, sklenička).

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