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vinařství Viticulture in Southern Moravia belongs to the oldest in Europe, as vines have been grown here since the Celtic times. The people here know very well that the real treasures are not concealed at the bottom of the seas, but in wine cellars or archives. Not only the vineyards and famous wine cellars and cellar alleys attract people to visit, but also wine expositions, exhibitions, fairs and wine harvest festivals. The region is crisscrossed with wine-lovers bicycle paths which offer an unusual combination – the bike and wine. But do not worry - while wine is an alcoholic drink, the tasting is a ceremony which also includes talking, eating and singing.

Wine Events

29.08.2014 15:00 - 29.08.2014, Velké Pavlovice
71. Vádemécum
29.08.2014, Znojmo
Zámecké vinobraní v Lednici
30.08.2014, Lednice
X. Den otevřených sklepů Čejkovice
30.08.2014, Čejkovice (okr. Hodonín)
X. otevřené sklepy
30.08.2014, Čejkovice (okr. Hodonín)
IceWine du Monde 2014
29.08.2014 - 30.08.2014, Lednice
Burčákové slavnosti
29.08.2014 - 30.08.2014, Zaječí
Burčáková zábava
30.08.2014, Němčičky (okr. Břeclav)
Vinařský den
30.08.2014, Němčičky (okr. Břeclav)
Zarážení hory
30.08.2014, Kobylí